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Web based Software to Help Your Company Recruit, Hire & Manage Drivers
Try one small part of our technology - Digital Signature. Get a signed release at application time!
To Sign, hold the left mouse button and drag. Click "Create" when done Your signature image will display below:
  • "Just to let you know, we went through a Texas State DOT Audit and we passed with flying colors. The auditors were here for only 6 hours! They were very pleased with the electronic DQ Files! They stated they planned on being here for 3-4 days!"
    - Jason Turnbo, Manager Contractor Development - Parkway Transport

  • "The absolute best driver application software system in the industry."
    - Kelly Anderson, President - International Society of Recruiting and Retention Professionals

  • "Xchange saves me a lot of time, and I don't have to worry if the driver's information has changed."
    - Shea Garnett, Safety Specialist - CRST Malone, Inc.

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  • Interested in reducing the paper in responding to verification requests? Click here to learn about becoming an Xchange provider for FREE

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Our recruiting solutions help you recruit better drivers faster than ever before. From capturing online signatures as part of every application to processing applicants faster to smoothly onboarding new hires, we have the tools to help you do your job better.
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Tenstreet provides real world tools that enable safety professionals to do their jobs instead of chasing paper. With real time, customized applicant scoring and easy to use workflow features, safety personnel can quickly evaluate candidates
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Human Resources
Do you want to treat your employees as your company's biggest asset? Tenstreet XtendTM gives you an easy to use framework to have real impact on your company's employee retention. Not only do we identify areas for improvement but we do it in a way that impacts employees before they leave.
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