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Tango Transport, Inc. Xtend Webinar Excerpts

Xtend Webinar Excerpts Here are some real life examples of how Tenstreet Xtend technology can help your company save money and keep your drivers driving.

** All audio clips below are excerpts from 7/24/08 Xtend Retention Webinar; participants in the webinar are Sean Kilcarr (Senior Editor, FleetOwner) talking with Melandy Ward (Driver Services Manager, Tango Transport, Inc.) and Dale Reagan (VP, Tenstreet).

  1. Q. What results have some of your customers seen?
  2. A. Tango Transport, Inc. went from 139% turnover to 87%, that is an ROI of over 150 to 1. Audio

  3. Q. How do you REALLY know what to change that will have the most impact on your turnover?
  4. A. Use factual information from your drivers, taken over the course of their tenure with the company. Audio

  5. Q. How much staff do I need to run the Tenstreet Xtend Driver Retention Program?
  6. A. Staffing needs are very small, because Xtend handles most of the work. Tango Transport, Inc. has over 700 trucks and has one person in their driver services. Audio

  7. Q. How do the drivers feel about being called on a regular basis and having a more formal problem solving process?
  8. A. Drivers love the system, because it gives them a chance to be really heard, and gives drivers confidence that their problems are being handled quickly and correctly. Audio

  9. Q. Does Xtend take a lot of IT resources or personnel to setup?
  10. A. All we need to get going are some scripts (we can use our defaults or help you customize your own scripts) and how you want to handle issues. Audio

  11. Q. After the setup, how is the system used?
  12. A. One example is how Tango Transport, Inc. has setup and used Xtend to be the hub of driver services, creating a help desk for everything with their drivers. Audio

  13. Q. What other benefits have you seen by companies using Xtend?
  14. A. Xtend has many other benefits, including boosting recruiters efficiency, because you keep drivers from calling around to safety, recruiters, payroll, HR, or other departments. Audio

  15. Q. Will the system provide the reports management needs to be able to act on reducing turnover?
  16. A. Xtend has the ability to provide almost any custom report needed, and has default reports that provide detailed information on 12 categories of driver happiness. Audio

  17. Q. Will the reports show us different areas of the company in comparison, like our company drivers compared to owner operators, flatbed vs. van, etc.?
  18. A. Yes, the information can be organized to show management what are the strong and weak areas affecting the overall picture of the company. Audio

  19. Q. Does Xtend help us with any other type of driver issue?
  20. A. Xtend can help your HR and legal department with driver EEOC issues, all calls are date/time stamped, thereby documenting driver conversations. Audio

  • Driver turnover dropped by more than 50%
  • Xtend generated returns of 150 to 1
  • Low cost of adoption and utilization
  • Productivity gains in other areas as well