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HireRight DAC Edition User Guide

Last Updated 5/21/12
This is a user guide for how to place HireRight orders through Tenstreet. This guide is written for customers using DAC Edition.

Quick links:

  • DAC Edition Implementation: For general information about DAC Edition and its implementation, read about it here.
  • Changes between USIS Edition and DAC Edition: For information on the important differences between USIS Edition (the old platform) and DAC Edition (the new platform), click here.
  • User Maintenance: For information about how to set up new users once you're on the platform, click here for a guide.


If you're already using HireRight's USIS Edition (the old platform) via Tenstreet, placing orders and receiving results will be very similar to what you're used to (with a few notable exceptions - see this guide for further explanation). We at Tenstreet made every effort to keep the overall workflow similar so that it would be as easy as possible to transition from one platform to another. Hopefully, the only difference most users will notice is that the reports look different.

Before we get started, note that the following process reads more complicated than it really is. After you've placed an order or two, everything should click and you probably won't have to reference this guide again.

If you have experience placing orders from Tenstreet to HireRight's USIS Edition, you can skip the "Placing an Order" section below. It works exactly the same. The short version of the differences you need to know:
  • DAC Edition does not have duplicate detection.
  • A new "View HireRight Detail" button appears on the Process screen that enables you to see what is still pending (and this is the only way to determine what, if any, criminal records were created from WideScreen or Trac2Crim processes)
  • Some products have different names and work a little differently. (Trac2Crim is now SSN Trace + CF&M, USIS Edition's WideScreen product is now DAC Widescreen...not to be confused with WideScreen Plus)
  • Products placed in the same order return at the product level, not at the Request level. This means if you place an order with more than one county criminal record, the report will not return to Tenstreet until all counties are complete. The exception to this rule is for MVRs. If you select multiple licenses in a single process, Tenstreet created a workaround that splits out each license into its own order so they each return individually.

Placing an Order

To place an order, navigate to the subject (our generic term for driver or applicant) for whom you want to place an order.
Figure 1
  1. Click the Process button. This opens the lower process pane.
  2. Click "Add Process" to see a list of your processes, including options you have for placing HireRight orders. You probably won't have anywhere near as many options as the above screenshot.
  3. Select the product(s)/package you wish to order.
  4. Click Start Process.
When placing an order, Tenstreet automatically grabs all relevant information from the subject/application data. In some cases, such as in our example above, the system will ask for additional information in order to place an order. Because we're ordering an MVR Express, we need to know which license(s) you want to order.

Figure 2

In the case above, the subject had three licenses in his application, so we present all three. You may select any or all of the licenses by clicking the checkbox(es) and then Finished. If you select more than one license and you're not placing an order as part of a bundle or package (that is, it's a la carte), Tenstreet will automatically break out each license into separate HireRight orders. This enables each MVR you order to return to Tenstreet as it completes (no one wants to wait for the 5-day Alaska MVR when the instant Texas MVR is available). Tenstreet will set up your MVRs a la carte for just this reason.

Also note that one of the licenses above is highlighted. Tenstreet attempts to validate the license format prior to submission, which gives you an opportunity to correct the format. If a license is highlighted, we don't believe it's in a valid format for that state. Even so, we allow you to place the order if you want to. In this example, all three licenses were ordered, which resulted in the processes below:

Figure 3

First, note that Tenstreet broke out the single process into three separate orders (again, so that the MVRs will return individually). Also, note that HireRight accepted orders for the Missouri and Arizona licenses, but Rejected the Oklahoma license, since its format was bad. When you correct the license number for Oklahoma, make certain you only re-order the Oklahoma license, as there is no duplicate detection across orders in DAC Edition. If you order an MVR then 10 seconds later order the same MVR, HireRight will accept and fulfill both orders separately. Orders will very quickly go from a status of "In Progress" to "Finished", then end up as "Accepted", "Rejected" or "Error." Here's what each step means:
  • In Progress/Finished: These are intermediate steps as the system prepares to place your order. Your order(s) should be in these statuses for between 5 seconds and 1 minute.
  • Accepted: HireRight accepted your order. Clicking on the word Accepted will show you your HireRight Order ID.
  • Rejected: HireRight rejected your order. Click on the word Rejected for an explanation of why HireRight rejected it. Common reasons for rejection include invalid data (such as our bad license number), missing data (such as a missing address in cases where address is required) or your Tenstreet user does not have a corresponding HireRight user (which must be fixed by your HireRight super user).

Tracking Fulfillment and Viewing Responses/Reports

You may click on the words Accepted or Rejected, which will present additional information about your order (examples below). In the Accepted order, the HireRight Order ID appears. This is useful should you ever need to contact HireRight with questions about the order.
Figure 4
Figure 5

If your order is rejected, we will also create a reminder note explaining the rejection (the same information presented when you click Rejected). When your reports return, we attach them as PDFs and create reminder notes. Clicking on the reminder will take you straight to the documents section so you can open it.
Figure 6

The following screenshot is presented after clicking on a subject's Documents button. Just click on the PDF itself and it will open.
Figure 7

As explained here, WideScreen and Trac2Crim (SSN Trace + CF&M) no longer return reports explaining what county criminal records have been ordered (if any). Obviously, this would create a significant issue for you if you had no way to know whether any criminal records were outstanding. It doesn't take much of an imagination to picture the scenario where a criminal record returns that you didn't even know had been ordered, only to find out that the criminal record contains information that would have disqualified the subject.

This is where the "View HireRight Detail" button comes in (see the upper-left corner of Figure 3, above). This button provides additional detail on all orders placed, including any pending criminal records that may have been created by WideScreen or Trac2Crim. It's a good procedure to click View HireRight Detail when evaluating your subjects/drivers to ensure there is nothing outstanding that you're unaware of.
Figure 8

Further, if you ever need to see a preliminary copy of a report, you can click the blue link (In Progress, above) and Tenstreet will pull a copy of the report as it currently stands directly from HireRight. This is particularly useful for when you want to view one criminal report but the other has not completed. The resulting report will have the pending criminal records and the complete criminal records together.