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Tenstreet IntelliAppTM
Repetitive administrative tasks can be a costly drain on trucking recruiting resources. Tenstreet's IntelliApp automates the collection of driver work history and employment data through the web at the first point of contact with driver applicants. The IntelliApp is an interactive application that uses detailed business logic to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the driver's employment history and can dynamically change to capture additional data depending on previous responses. IntelliApp ensures faster, more accurate data collection for recruiting with far less manual intervention, resulting in improved recruiting productivity.

Our Digitized Signature eliminates the pain of having to print and fax the required release forms for employment history and drug screening data.
  • Drivers no longer need to print, sign and fax or mail release information
  • No Faxing. Recruiters can email release forms to multiple recipients in just one click.
  • Digitized signatures compliant with DOT/state legal and regulatory requirements can now be fully completed online using only a web browser.
"By reducing the number of incomplete or incorrectly completed applications, we increased our recruiter productivity by 60%"
Top 100 Midwest Flatbed Carrier
IntelliApp customers are achieving immediate returns on their investment by filling idle trucks with experienced drivers who can take to the road immediately following orientation. Other benefits of our transportation industry recruiter software include operational savings in cost and time to hire, improved resource management and a tangible improvement in recruiting productivity. IntelliApp significantly increases the number of drivers hired per recruiter and provides detailed, accurate information via its rules-based data collection process.

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   IntelliApp meets or exceeds DOT requirements, read the legal review by Larry Henry 

   IntelliApp 1 Page Overview 

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