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We strive to create value by delivering solutions that meet key needs throughout many parts of a trucking company. A hallmark of all of our solutions is a focus on usefulness with minimal implementation effort required. Tenstreet partners with motor carriers to develop and implement innovations that are integral to high performance. See below for more details. Or you can schedule a demo or contact us.
    In today's challenging environment, recruiters are faced with any number of things that keep them from actually recruiting. Every minute that your recruiters spend on low value administrative details is a gift to your competition.

  • Tenstreet IntelliApp™
    Tenstreet IntelliApp automates the collection of driver work history and employment data through the web at the first point of contact with driver applicants. Using our digital signature technology, applications include signed drug and alcohol releases without the need for a fax. The interactive application ensures the completeness and accuracy of the driver's 3 year employment history, and can dynamically change to capture additional data depending on previous responses. The IntelliApp insures faster, more accurate data collection for recruiting with far less manual intervention, resulting in improved recruiting productivity.
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  • Tenstreet Xpress™
    Many employers today evaluate applicants as they always have - manually, one at a time, and as fast as possible. Recruiters are so busy working in the system that they don't have time to work on the system. Many companies report that for every 100 applicants they recruit, they only end up hiring 2 or 3 and that many of the applicants are found to be unqualified on basic prerequisites only after spending scarce recruiter time to pursue them. Tenstreet Xpress is an easy to use system to manage the flow of applicants, background checks and approvals, designed to increase your efficiency.
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  • Tenstreet Xchange™
    The process of verifying an applicant's is often a jumble of faxes, phone calls and web sites. The coordination of all these data sources is problematic at best. Many carriers are reduced to sticky notes, highlighters and countless hours standing over the fax machine. Tenstreet Xchange is a better way.
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    Safe drivers are essential for any successful carrier. Making sure safety policies are consistently followed can turn safety professionals into safety paper pushers. Tenstreet has a set of solutions uniquely positioned to help any safety department to be more effective.

  • Applicant Scoring
    Wading through paper applications one page at a time is no way to determine which drivers fit your hiring criteria. With our Applicant Scoring functionality, applicants are ranked in real time against your specific criteria. This scoring allows both recruiting and safety to share the same view of a driver and to focus time on the drivers that best meet your needs.
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  • Driver Qualification File
    As drivers are coming on board, maintaining a complete file typically means one of two things. Either stick with the paper based filing system with all the headaches they bring or convert to an electronic system completely. The Tenstreet DQF functionality gives you the power to choose how you want to manage your DQF. It is tightly integrated with our Xpress platform, can store any documents you want to store & can track any or all of those documents for expiration and completeness. It is a solution that supports your business not one that requires you to change.
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  • Annual MVR Process
    Combining the power of our Xpress platform's seamless background checking and our Form Engine's web interface gives a unique solution to the annual MVR process. Drivers are invited to complete their annual certification via the web. Safety personnel can use Express to monitor who has completed the certification, order the MVR itself and document any variances between the certification and the MVR.
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 Human Resources
    When the profitability of the business is dependent on good relationships with good employees, the tools available to HR professionals are vital. Tenstreet solutions to common HR challenges helps companies position themselves for succcess.

  • Orientation Paperwork
    In many companies, expensive orientation time is occupied with completing one form after another. The Tenstreet Forms Engine gives you the ability to complete that paperwork via the web so that when drivers come to orientation you have their paperwork complete. Any form that is currently captured on paper can be captured via the web quickly and easily.
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  • Employee Retention
    Hiring good people is hard enough, keeping them is usually harder. Many companies don't have the means to work to retain them. Tenstreet Xtend is a program to reach out to employees during vulnerable periods of their tenure and capture employees' perspective on how things are going. Opportunities for improvement are surfaced. Employees that may have slipped through the cracks can be helped and retained.
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