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Communications EngineTM
For many companies, paper-based forms have long been a necessary evil. Companies have spent large dollars automating and streamlining other manual processes, but creating forms online has taken a back seat. This is primarily due to the perceived technological hurdles that are "too tough to manage," despite the huge savings that would result if it could be done. Many times, the hurdle takes the form of a legal signature - it's required on some documents and there hasn't been a good way to get one. More often, however, companies have found that the investment, time and attention required to put forms online is simply not worth it. They decided that it's better to get a paper version and scan it after the fact than to try to insert an online form into what is often a manual process.

But what if you could get a legal signature in an online form? What if your forms fit naturally into your processes, enabling you to do things you've never been able to do in the past? Tenstreet's Communications engine:
  • Includes a legal, 100% binding real signature.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your workflow, making your job easier, not harder.
  • Provides not only electronic copies of the forms themselves, but also the information and data contained within the forms.
  • Creates opportunities for improving forms over their paper-based versions, with data validation, required vs. optional fields, dropdown boxes and much more.
  • Creates a clean, crisp document that's ready for uploading into your imaging system, and/or provides a central repository for completed forms access for those companies without their own imaging systems.
  • Eliminates the fax game in decentralized processes (e.g., the person you're hiring is in Florida, you're in California)
  • Creates forms that can be presented in your format, as required (or mandatory formats, such as W-4 or I-9 presentation)
Our customers use our Communications Engine:
  • To provide a way for hiring forms to be completed before the new employee shows up for work.
  • To share forms data across multiple locations
  • As a document management and imaging system, combining new forms with other, traditionally-imaged documents
  • To ensure compliance - they run reports that show which employees are missing which documents

Want to try it out for yourself to see how it works?
Schedule a Let us show you how we can make your life easier, while saving you money! Call a Tenstreet salesperson today and ask about our Communications Engine! Our number is 877-219-9283 and our email is [email protected].