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Tenstreet XchangeTM
The process of verifying an applicant's is often a jumble of faxes, phone calls and web sites. The coordination of all these data sources is problematic at best. Many carriers are reduced to sticky notes, highlighters and countless hours standing over the fax machine. Tenstreet Xchange is a better way.

The Tenstreet Xchange platform is designed to support the previous employer investigation process, whether the previous employer was DOT-regulated or not. This module eliminates wasted time entering data and standing over a fax machine. In addition, the system provides an efficient set of tools for managing all manner of data sources in the verifications process, whether the previous employer was a trucking carrier down the street or a fast food restaurant in Chicago.

By utilizing the fax management functionality in Xchange, processors can quickly send faxes to and receive faxes from former employers to verify employment, accident, and drug & alcohol information and use the system to help insure that the process has been completed for all applicants. In addition, requests to schools and support for capturing confirmed data for military service or periods of unemployment are included as well. The system automates the gap detection process, calculates relevant experience for pay scale determination and creates a clear record of good faith efforts throughout the verification process.
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Key Beneifts:
  • Eliminate fax processing
  • Speed up verification process
  • Facilitate regulatory and company policy compliance