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Tenstreet XtendTM
Many companies are so focused on how to recruit employees that they neglect to work to retain them afterwards. Tenstreet's trucking industry retention services ensure that there is an effective communications channel between employees and management. The services have several key components -

  • Proactive outreach to employees, especially new hires and employees in high stress positions
  • Clear communication of employee issues/concerns to management, replacing anecdotal feedback with reporting that calls out systemic issues that need attention.
Our proprietary retention software and services utilize a variety of communication channels to enable employees and drivers to feel more connected to their employer. This creates opportunities for employers to identify and react to the recurring issues that drive higher turnover, even if those issues are specific to a given terminal, driver type or any other variation. In addition to reducing turnover, these services enable employees to do their jobs more safely during the critical first 90 days of their employment where accident rates tend to be highest.
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Key Beneifts:
  • Identify driver specific issues, in time to retain drivers
  • Build driver loyalty by broad outreach
  • Get real metrics on issues facing drivers
  • Track improvements in high leverage areas