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Tenstreet Xchange ProvidingTM
PROBLEM: Driver verification requirements lead to lost productivity due to hours spent manually responding to faxes and filling out forms.

SOLUTION: The Xchange Network Provider system acts as a hub for requesting and responding to previous employment verifications, while facilitating regulatory compliance.

  • "Xchange saves me a lot of time, and I don't have to worry if the driver's information has changed"
    - Shea Garnett, Safety Specialist, CRST Malone

  • "Xchange speeds up the verification process and the system works well.
    - Tamina Rawlins, TWIC Manager, Freymiller

Free (What's the Catch?) , Simple, Convenient:

Any carrier can provide their verification via the Xchange network at no charge. Over four thousand companies have already signed up to request information - also at no charge. Simply put, Xchange is good for carriers whether they are requesting information or providing it.

Manage Requests in Minutes:

Xchange is a web-based service for providing driver records and sending requests. Quickly verify requests for employment, accident and drug/alchohol information.

Stay DOT Compliant:

Xchange simplifies the record keeping process, handles corrected records and rebuttals gracefully - helping you to stay compliant without all the headaches.
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   Xchange Provider Overview 

Easier DAC Termination Record Entry:

Simplify the process of submitting termination records to the DAC/Hireright Employment History file by using Xchange. You can maximize the amount of credits from DAC, while minimizing the headaches of submitting termination records by hand.

Proven Technology:

Used by thousands of requesters and hundreds of providers, Xchange offers a solid technology platform, brought to you by the provider of the leading trucking hiring solutions.
FREE?? What's the catch?.
We get asked that a lot.

The short answer - Simply put, there is no catch.

The (slightly) longer answer - We make our money selling industry-leading driver management tools to some of the best run fleets in the industry. This lets us offer our Xchange service to both requesters and providing carriers for free, unlike some other services. This is not a limited-time offer - it's simply free. We hope that you find enough value in our software to look at some of our other products. But if not, that's OK - Xchange will still be free.